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Electronic Recycling Fundraisers for Your School

Schools are always trying to raise money for a variety of good reasons. But how can money be raised for such worthy projects? One excellent fundraiser that is not often used is an electronic recycling fundraiser.

What Is An Electronic Recycling Fundraiser?

An electronic recycling fundraiser, like any other fundraiser, is simply a way to raise money for a worthy organization, such as your school. Instead of baking or selling items to raise money, though, you get people and organizations to donate their old electronics that they no longer need to the school. You will also need to find a reputable recycling center such as SES to help you organize the event so you can earn money for your school.

What Type of Electronics Can Be Recycled?

Since many electronics quickly become outdated, we tend to have a variety of devices that end up cluttering our homes. Electronics such as cell phones, laptops, televisions, LCD screens, computers, iPads, iPods, tablets, portable DVD players and many other electronics are what you will need for your fundraiser. Wondering why so many people keep these items on hand? In many cases, the clutter is because people don’t know how to safely dispose of them since these items often have our personal information on them and we need to protect that information. By recycling these items with an electronics recycling center such as SES these worries are eliminated since the data on these devises is eliminated before they are recycled for re-use.

How to Have a Successful Electronic Recycling Fundraiser

First, get the word out to all of the parents, family members and friends of all of your students that you are having an electronic recycling fundraiser. Let them know the types of electronics that you are looking for and that all data on these devices will be securely eliminated since you are using one of San Diego’s best electronics recycling centers, SES. You can also contact local businesses. Many businesses will be eager to help your cause, especially since they often have many outdated electronics that they do not know how to safely eliminate.

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