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Electronics Recycling for Your Company

Businesses buy billions of dollars of electronics every single year. Unfortunately, upgrading your fleet of laptops or phones only adds to one serious problem the world is working to deal with right now - e-waste. Every new machine means one that is suddenly obsolete, and for most businesses, dealing with used electronics is a massive effort.

The Big Corporation Difference

Small to mid-size businesses really suffer when it comes to electronics recycling. Large corporation generally have entire departments dedicated just to focus on and manage sustainability issues within the company. Small to midsized businesses, though, are far more likely to simply toss outdated electronics, even if it risks compliance issues with California's stringent electronics recycling laws. The goal is just to get rid of it, right? Not if you want to remain compliant and work to polish the green image you present to consumers. In cases like those, electronics recycling is an absolute must.

One Big Question - What is the Condition?

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a complicated process. It starts when you take a look at the equipment you need eliminate. Then, answer one big question. What is its condition?

Can Used Electronics Be Refurbished or Resold?

If not, move down to the next question. Fortunately, a good portion of most company's electronic assets can absolutely find a second life elsewhere. If someone else might get some use from it, that's a bonus.

Is It Too Old or Broken?

If so, it needs to be completely recycled. This process means the vast majority of the parts inside will be completely recycled. There are precious metals and many other valuable pieces that could be used for the next round of computers or phones your company decides to purchase.

Electronic Recycling - The Only Answer

No matter how you've answered that question, the one answer you need in electronics recycling for your company is SES. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you manage all of your outdated or unused electronics.


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