8810 Rehco Rd, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121

8810 Rehco Rd, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121

New E-Waste Security Bill Coming - Are You Ready?

The dangers of e-waste have been well publicized, and they seem to be growing all of the time. Not only can people access data from improperly secured and destroyed e-waste, but they can also use the parts to counterfeit electronics, which will eventually end up back in the hands of U.S. consumers, businesses, and maybe even the military. The problem? That can threaten both reliability and safety. Fortunately, the U.S. House is working to do something about it.

On June 24, House Reps Gene Green and Paul Cook, of Texas and California respectively, introduced the Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act, or SEERA for short. The goal of the bill is to stop the flow of e-waste to China and any other countries that are known to counterfeit electronics. That would, hopefully, stop the flow of counterfeit goods that can become part of our current electronic landscape.

In the press release associated with the bill, Representative Cook said, "China regularly counterfeits electronics and puts these dangerous products, including critical military equipment, back into the market. These electronic components threaten the reliability and safety of a wide range of technology. SEERA will ensure we’re not exporting electronic scrap materials that come back to us as counterfeit parts and undermine the reliability of technology essential to our national security."

The SES Recycling Advantage

At SES, we've long known just how dangerous e-waste can be, particularly when it comes from government facilities or businesses. It's why we work so hard to offer a variety of services custom-tailored to meet the needs of everyone in the San Diego area.

E-Waste can most certainly be a national security problem, and at SES, we'll be happy to help prevent problems with yours.


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