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Computer Recycling San Diego

Computers are some of the most disposable items on the planet today. Whether you've just upgraded your office systems, you bought a new computer at home, or you're working in an educational environment and it's time to phase out the old equipment, recycling every one of those outdated machines is an absolute must, and we can help. We work with you or your organization to provide the best available solution. Whether that comes through better asset management or straightforward hard drive destruction and recycling, we're here to find the right choice for you. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to offer you better services right now. We offer a variety of drop-off locations, and we also handle both residential and business level pickups to make things a bit easier for you. Ready to change the way you look at e-waste? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your computer recycling needs.

Computer Recycling in San Diego

There is no question California leads the country is strictest e-waste recycling regulations. San Diego has taken the lead in eliminating harmful chemicals from the soil and water supplies through recycling programs. In the past, companies and individuals didn’t think twice about tossing out computer relics and sending them straight to the landfill. Today, though, we realize mercury and lead from these old gadgets pose a major risk to the environment and the health of our population. Luckily, Calfornia residents have real help on their side when it comes to computer recycling in San Diego. Many look to SES Recycling when updating devices and hard drives. We take e-waste and recycle them into materials that can be used for new products without leaving behind harmful substances.

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Thinking Computer Recycling? San Diego Businesses Should Think SES!

If you are living in San Diego or have a business in San Diego, chances are that you have seen computers come and go. From the dawn of desktops to the mobile device craze we can see everywhere we go today, there is always a new computer out. While we can’t always afford the newest trends, we do tend to swap out technology fairly often. So, what happens to those old computers in your company once you're done with them?

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3 San Diego Computer Recycling Tips You Need Now

Computer recycling - San Diego residents are growing increasingly aware of just how important taking this simple step can be, and for good reason. California is one of the only states in the entire nation to have strict electronics recycling laws, so many people have finally realized how important it is to recycle that outdated equipment. Not sure where to begin? Try these simple tips when you're ready to recycle.

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