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Computer Recycling in San Diego

There is no question California leads the country is strictest e-waste recycling regulations. San Diego has taken the lead in eliminating harmful chemicals from the soil and water supplies through recycling programs. In the past, companies and individuals didn’t think twice about tossing out computer relics and sending them straight to the landfill. Today, though, we realize mercury and lead from these old gadgets pose a major risk to the environment and the health of our population. Luckily, Calfornia residents have real help on their side when it comes to computer recycling in San Diego. Many look to SES Recycling when updating devices and hard drives. We take e-waste and recycle them into materials that can be used for new products without leaving behind harmful substances.

What is E-Waste From Computers?

There are many valuable components within a computer or device that can be recycled and reused to make newer devices. These components are commonly referred to as e-waste or e-scraps. Not only are the plastic casings recyclable but also the metals such as tin, aluminum, and copper wires, glass, PVC plastics, and the circuit boards. Most of these components are 100% recyclable to be reused in newer technology. Each of these are found in specific parts of your hard drive and monitor.

These recyclable materials can be taken apart from your old computers and devices at our SES recycling center in San Diego. SES has multiple drop of locations throughout San Diego. We comply to all rules and regulations for properly disposing of and recycling broken and outdated computers.

Keeping Contaminants Out of the Landfills

While the lists of metals and plastics may not seem that hazardous, it is the substances found in the circuit boards that cause the most risk. Fortunately, these substances can usually be recycled when a computer is left with SES Recycling. Circuit boards contain gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and once they are removed they can be reused to make new products. Computer monitors contain lead which can pose a serious health hazard once large amounts have infiltrated soil and water as witnessed in recent years and the breakdown of some plastics contained in computers can cause damage to multiple areas of the human body when the chemical components begin to break down.

Recycling your computers with SES Recycling not only keeps the landfills from overflowing with toxins and harmful materials but also helps create new computers. The components extracted and recycled are sent to be repurposed as newer up to date computers and devices.

It just makes sense to take old computers to SES Recycling in San Diego. Contact us today to learn more.


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