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E-Waste and Electronic Recycling

Every piece of electronic technology in your office contains hazardous waste that could damage our water and food supply. E Waste is one of the fastest growing waste problems in the country thanks to the overwhelming amount of technology we use today, and the only way to deal with it is with proper electronics recycling. In government offices, though, the standard has to be far higher, and SES can help with fully compliant electronics recycling services.

What Electronics To Recycle

While secure data destruction is absolutely a concern for government offices, not many know just how extensive the e waste problem can be. Hard drives are a natural choice for electronics recycling as are laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other devices that store data, but many other things qualify for recycling too. CRT and LCD monitors should be recycled, as should printers, battery backup units, LCD and Plasma TVs, and even networking equipment. Our materials are segmented, sorted, then held for further recycling processes to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Environmentally Friendly – Fully Compliant

Recycling doesn’t have to mean you’re not complying with data destruction standards. We offer a secure chain of custody that allows you to document the entire eco-friendly destruction process. With certificates of destruction, environmental impact reports, and even a video of the destruction process itself, we can help you prepare for your next audit while still ensuring your e-waste doesn’t wind up in the landfill.

Customized Recycling Services

Not all government offices are alike, and your e-waste recycling needs aren’t the same as others. We offer a custom process for all of our customers, helping you learn more about the best steps for your electronics waste. From secure data destruction to IT asset remarketing, we offer privacy, security, and options that redefine efficiency. It’s an assurance that you simply can’t get from other electronics recycling companies, but you’ll feel it the moment you pick up the phone with us.

Building a Sustainable Future

We’re committed to helping you find the best way to properly dispose of your potentially toxic electronic equipment. Join us today to build a sustainable future. Contact us to learn more about our pickup services and the entire e-waste recycling process to ensure your assets are protected every step of the way.


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