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IT Asset Disposition Services

Every piece of equipment in the office contains sensitive data that you cannot risk losing. Government agencies are required to have an entirely different level of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and our approach will make certain you get efficient services, advanced data destruction methods, and the protection you need.

The SES Advantage

No matter what branch of the government you’re working for, nothing is more important than compliance when it comes to disposing of your IT assets, and SES has the knowledge necessary to comply with Federal Law, ensuring your assets are in good hands the moment we pick them up. What sets us apart? Take a look:

  • Convenience: From the very first call, you’ll work with one of our ITAD experts to coordinate our services. A centrally managed process, you work with SES from start to finish. It’s a secure chain of custody and a single vendor that means our services are easy to use every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: At the end of the process, you can certainly expect comprehensive documentation for compliance purposes, but we also offer video proof of destruction to help remove the guesswork and add to your files. What’s more, though, is that an environmental impact report can be generated upon request so you learn more about exactly what was recycled and the impact of your e-waste on the environment. We can even provide ad hoc reporting for large volume orders.
  • Value: IT assets may reach the end of their life in your office before they’re actually finished completely. They can still be quite valuable, and we can remarket it after data destruction to make sure you see the revenue you deserve.
  • Mitigated Risk: A single computer from your office can hold more than a million documents. The serial numbers alone can be traced back to your offices, and if any of the data escapes or is used inappropriately, your office could have real compliance problems on their hands. We work to mitigate that risk by disposing of the data completely using Department of Defense level technology that prevents unauthorized access to your information at every turn.

A Customized Process

Not every agency requires the same solution, and nothing about our services is cookie cutter. Instead, we’ll build an ITAD program that meets your needs and requirements, giving you the peace of mind and compliance that you need most. To learn more about our ITAD services for government offices, contact us today.


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