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Electronic and Computer Recycling Pickups

In government offices across the country, IT asset disposal is only getting more complicated. With fewer employees and shrinking budgets, eliminating outdated IT assets while ensuring compliance can be a frustrating process. Where do you turn when you need compliant IT asset disposal with logistical support? SES is the solution to consider.

The SES Difference

SES is working to safely eliminate IT waste at the residential, corporate, and government level right now. We offer a full service solution. From de installation to our pickup services to data destruction, remarketing, and recycling, we provide the 360 degree solution you need most make your office as efficient as possible. With SES, you can always expect a

  • Secure Chain of Command
  • Certified Destruction of Data
  • Maximum Investment Recovery
  • Compliant Reporting Procedures

From the moment you pick up the phone, you’ll work with one of our logistics specialists to develop a plan that’s perfect for your outdated IT assets. If you need our de installation services, we’ll do it with minimal downtime to your offices, and our convenient pickup services are designed to work with your schedule.

When Regulations Matter

At some point in the near future, you may be facing an audit, and you’ll have to provide the paperwork to prove that you complied with all of the regulations when your IT assets were destroyed. SES always provides a certificate of destruction as well as an environmental impact statement if necessary. We can even provide ad hoc reporting for larger orders. Add that to the fact that you can watch your sensitive equipment during the destruction process thanks to a password protected closed circuit video, and you have everything you’ll need for that upcoming audit.

It’s Not Just Data Storing Devices

E waste isn’t just made of hard drives, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that store sensitive government data. E waste is a far larger category. Products like battery backup devices, monitors, televisions, circuit boards, and even your wiring contains toxic chemicals like lead and mercury that could easily leach into the water and food supply, ensuring devastation around landfills. SES recycles every ounce of e-waste, keeping it out of landfills for good.

To schedule a pickup or learn more about our comprehensive solutions, contact us today.



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