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Data Destruction and Shredding Services 

Maximized security. It’s become the goal of almost every government office in the country, but when IT assets reach the end of their lifecycle, how can you make certain you ensure the best possible security while still disposing of those assets? SES can help. With secure data destruction services that offers you security and compliance, we offer responsible services that comply with all government regulations.

A Growing Problem

Since 2005, the number of personal records jeopardized in data breach cases has exceeded 250 million. It’s a frightening fact, and it’s the reason government offices are required to have a solid data destruction process in place. The liability for the information that could be leaked is massive, and finding the right service provider to handle your data destruction isn’t as easy as clicking the first name you see.

Working with SES means guaranteed compliance. We offer state of the art data destruction and some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Our cost-effective services are ideal for the destruction of hard drives, but we also work with facilities to destroy data tapes and other magnetic media, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives. We can even destroy tablets, smartphones, and other equipment to ensure your facility gets the documented services necessary to ensure safety.

Recycling E-Waste

A big part of what we do involves data destruction, but properly recycling the associated e-waste is just as important to us. The single fastest growing municipal solid waste stream, e-waste contains very toxic substances that could end up in our food and water supply, so we work to recycle every ounce of destroyed materials to help protect the planet.

Beating the Industry Standard

Many companies offer data destruction services, but few offer services like ours. We’ll custom design a program that meets the your specific data security needs and reporting requirements. We have a secure chain of custody that means you get a level of safety others just don’t offer. Comprehensive reporting is the standard with us. You can always expect certificates of destruction, an environmental impact report, and even a video of the process so you can make certain you have the proof of destruction on file in the event an audit comes your way.

Learn more about our secure data destruction services and how they can help your offices when you contact us now.


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