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Shredding Services San Diego

At SES, we fully understand that sensitive information is nothing to trifle with, especially when it comes to disposing it. At the government level, careful handling this type of data is even more crucial. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure that your data, whether it’s electronic or paper-based, is kept secure from start to finish of the destruction process.

Paper Shredding

When it’s time to destroy paper-based documents, you need a reliable company that will properly and securely eliminate your confidential paperwork. That’s what SES is. Our mission is to ensure that your sensitive documents are disposed of correctly and with every safety measure in place. We maintain the highest security standards with our paper shredding services, whether you choose to destroy documents on- or off-site.

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction isn’t something to be taken lightly, either. These devices contain tons of sensitive data that could result in disaster if they fell into the wrong hands. At SES, we specialize in secure disposal of hard drives with our shredding services to remove the potential threat of a data breach. We also offer deinstallation and pickup of your outdated hard drives, ensuring a smooth and efficient process to safely eliminate these data-rich pieces of equipment.

Shredding Process

SES is fully compliant with all the requirements set forth by the National Association of Information Destruction. The security of your data is as important to us as it is to you, which is why we treat each disposal with the high level of concern and security that you expect. We also understand that special requirements may be in place for the secure elimination of government paperwork and equipment, and we can customize our services to fit those needs. Weoffer our clients the opportunity to view the destruction of their data via closed-circuit TV, as well as complete e-waste reporting and certificates of destruction. EPA-approved recycling of destroyed data may also be employed where applicable.

SES E-Waste Recycling

Ready to find out how SES can help your government agency with our specialized shredding services? Contact us today for a quote and a detailed breakdown of our shredding services and how they can be tailored to your requirements. Our team members are certified and trained in secure data destruction,so you can be assured that all your paperwork and equipment is expertly and safely eliminated.



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