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Shredding Services

Data destruction - it's just what we do, and whether you're talking about more effective hard drive shredding services or our worry-free document shredding services, clients across San Diego are turning to us to ensure secure destruction of confidential materials happens faster.

Still Using an Office Shredder? STOP

If you're one of the many companies still relying on an office shredder to handle all of that sensitive client and customer information, you may want to take note. New shredding laws are cropping up fast, and new cases of identity theft are hitting even faster. An office shredder simply doesn't provide the level of destruction necessary to safely ensure no one can ever access that information again. It's just too easy to piece that information together once more when it hits the dumpster. What's more is that there are even ways now to scan shredded pieces of information and reconstruct the shreds after they're destroyed. Our services can make sure that never happens to your company.

Build an External Audit Trail

Working with SES Recycling means that you're going to have an external audit trail as well as an ongoing record of compliance with regard to information destruction requirements today. That can help give your business the peace of mind you need to ensure you're ready should an auditor appear at your door.

Fast, Convenient Shredding Services

From the moment you make the call to SES, we'll ensure the process is as easy as possible, creating a schedule that works for your company. You have more to do than worry about secure data destruction in any form, and we're the authority on shredding, hard drive destruction, and more in the San Diego area. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we work with organizations of all sizes, tailoring our services to meet the specific business needs of your company. Whether you need one time services or an ongoing commitment, we're here to help.

We Take Recycling Seriously

Everyone is looking to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. There's not a company today that isn't looking to reduce their carbon footprints, and that's where we come in. We can help you think green whether you're talking about fully recycling what's left after shredding is complete or more complex electronics recycling. Either way, we're going to help make sure you're not contributing to the problem.

Ready to get started? Contact us today so we can help build a plan around your needs.