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Electronic Recycling San Diego

Electronic waste build-up in our area landfills is a dangerous and growing problem. The best solution is to properly destroy and recycle your e-waste using the services of a reputable company that values data security and customer satisfaction above all else. SES is that company, and we have the answers to all your questions about e-waste recycling and disposal.

E-Scrap Recycling - The Best Ways to Deal With Your E-Waste

When researchers look at the problem of e-waste, they discover some disheartening information no matter where they search. We throw away an alarming amount of e-waste globally, which is impacting our environment and our drinking water. In fact, e-waste is growing almost three times faster than the total waste stream, making it a leading environmental concern. In a world where 60% of our discarded electronics are scrapped instead of recycled, we could do a lot more to deal with the problem.

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Stay Secure with Hard Drive Shredding Services

It seems as though a security breach makes the news every year and rattles consumers with worry. Whether a major retailer gets hacked and millions of bank accounts are compromised or health data is breached and private records are suddenly not so private, security issues are at the forefront of every industry. And since we live in a world where groceries can be ordered online and delivered to your front door, protecting all levels of consumer information is vital.

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E-Waste Recycling: It's More Than Obsolete Trash

We live in a world where technology changes as often as most of us think about changing our clothes. The average American only hangs onto that cell phone glued to their hands a short 18 months before moving on to the next thing. Where does all our e-waste end up? Globally, most of it goes into a landfill or other dumpsite – 20 million tons of it, to be exact. But it just isn’t a problem in our backyard, so to speak.

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Electronic Equipment Shredding: Serious Privacy

The privacy and security of your classified data is important to you and any of your clientele you may have served or represented. Deciding to upgrade your electronics and throw out the old comes with the question of how to properly dispose of old electronics while protecting classified information that may remain on your equipment. SES (Secure E-Waste Solutions) Recycling can plan and schedule pickups of old equipment and break down circuit boards and hard drives ensuring your secure information will be eliminated. Our equipment shredding techniques are reliable and certified and SES will send you certification notifying you of successful shredding.

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The Electronics Recycler San Diego Loves

SES Recycling in San Diego is one of the few recyclers to step up to the challenge of accepting e-waste from companies as well as individuals. After recognizing the need to offer both options we have become the leading e-waste recyclers in the San Diego area. Starting over a decade ago, Secure E-Waste Solutions (SES) has been at the forefront of the e-waste recycling movement. California is leading the way for the rest of the country with hard set regulations about disposing of old electronic devices. At SES we have consistently met the need for a solid electronics recycler. San Diego residents have begun working with us on a regular basis to help eliminate their old electronics safely.

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Hard Drive and Data Destruction: Another Great SES Service

One of the biggest worries associated with discarding old hard drives and personal devices is knowing that your secure and private data has been completely erased and destroyed. Especially in the medical field where sensitive data is kept on laptops and hard drives it is important to be sure all of the data has been destroyed according to HIPAA regulations. With strict security regulations it is understandable to be nervous about allowing just any company pick up your old electronics and recycle them. So how can you be sure that the company you have chosen destroy your data and shred those hard drives competently? When you choose SES Recycling of San Diego, you can feel confident that your hard drive and data will be destroyed by expertly trained professionals.

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