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E-Scrap Recycling - The Best Ways to Deal With Your E-Waste

When researchers look at the problem of e-waste, they discover some disheartening information no matter where they search. We throw away an alarming amount of e-waste globally, which is impacting our environment and our drinking water. In fact, e-waste is growing almost three times faster than the total waste stream, making it a leading environmental concern. In a world where 60% of our discarded electronics are scrapped instead of recycled, we could do a lot more to deal with the problem.

Accounting for the Speed of Development

We have access to a range of products like never before. Take the personal computer and laptop as an example. Twenty years ago, the average computer’s lifespan was about six years. Just ten years ago that figure had dropped to two years, and it continues to drop today. With millions of new computer users every year, the cost of dealing with scrapped computers and other e-waste is a pressing concern. But what can be done?

Utilizing Take-Back and Buy-Back Opportunities

Many manufacturers offer the chance to return used equipment or to get rid of older electronics by giving them back to the manufacture. Many major electronics companies, like Apple or Best Buy have these kinds of programs. Sometimes consumers can get money back for the product, and each business has its own rules in terms of what can be returned. Unfortunately, this option isn’t always available for everyone, since many people also buy used or refurbished electronics or no longer have the ability to take it back to the store. So what then?

Taking Advantage of E-Scrap Recycling

Being able to recycle e-scrap is one of the best environmental strategies our community has seen in years. Instead of dumping the problem into a landfill, e-scrap can be thoughtfully recycled – and maybe even refurbished into something else! It is important, however, to deal with a reputable company like SES. Some “recyclers” really should just be called “resellers,” since they sell the bulk of their e-scrap to other countries where it is then smashed apart for valuable metals, creating a real biohazard for the environment and the people who work in that field.

The pleasures of always being connected create serious drawbacks in terms of the environment and the trash problem we are creating globally. Let SES help you deal with your e-scrap recycling and together we can change the picture.


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