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The Electronics Recycler San Diego Loves

SES Recycling in San Diego is one of the few recyclers to step up to the challenge of accepting e-waste from companies as well as individuals. After recognizing the need to offer both options we have become the leading e-waste recyclers in the San Diego area. Starting over a decade ago, Secure E-Waste Solutions (SES) has been at the forefront of the e-waste recycling movement. California is leading the way for the rest of the country with hard set regulations about disposing of old electronic devices. At SES we have consistently met the need for a solid electronics recycler. San Diego residents have begun working with us on a regular basis to help eliminate their old electronics safely.

What We Recycle

Getting rid of old electronics is not as easy as just tossing it in the trash and being done with it. Electronics such as hard drives, monitors, and phones contain substances that can be highly toxic when left to the elements in a landfill. SES Recycling accepts all electronics including old computers, phones, tablets, PDA’s, printers, and televisions. The glass in monitors and old televisions pose an extreme risk in landfills due to the amount of lead used in the manufacturing of the glass used for displays. While some recycling centers may see this as a hassle, SES accepts old TVs and monitors. SES also accepts medical and lab e-waste for recycling.

Data Destruction You Can Trust

We know that the security of your private information is at the top of the priority list. Rest assured we make eliminating old data part of the process for recycling old hard drives and devices. We have secure solutions for data destruction and hard drive shredding that will maintain your company's security and an individual's privacy. SES offers fully trained and certified data destruction professionals and will provide certificates to verify old and sensitive data has been destroyed.

SES Recycling Makes Electronics Disposal Easy

Along with having convenient drop off locations, we can also schedule pick-ups for large scale e-waste removal. SES Recycling can take you through the process from start to finish setting up pick-up times that work for you as well as working out a plan for eliminating sensitive data all for a price that works within your budget. We are fully compliant with DTSC, EPA, HIPAA, and NAID guidelines and regulations for recycling e-waste and destroying data. Contact SES Recycling for your electronics disposal in San Diego.


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