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Promote Responsible Sustainability Through E-Recycling

We are always looking for ways to promote sustainability across our lives and work efforts. We make sure we drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. We pay attention to how we heat and cool our homes. We recycle where we can, maybe we’ve given up plastic bottles and throw-away coffee cups. But there is one fast-growing waste product that we simply must add to our recycling repertoire. We simply must go back to promoting electronics recycling in San Diego. How does e-recycling promote sustainability?In nearly every single way.

Reduction Of Pollution

In order to get the kinds of metals that are generally used in the creation of electronics, we have to expend valuable resources and energy getting into Earth’s natural metals and minerals or shipping the items to their destinations and otherwise burning fossil fuels in the creation of and shipping of electronic products. E-recycling helps reduce the issues related to our already overburdened fossil fuels.

Helping Others

Often our electronic items don’t stop working – we simply are ready for another upgrade. When we upgrade to a better product, we have the choice to e-cycle the product, throw it away or donate it. By donating your items rather than throwing them into a landfill, you create the opportunity for others to own and enjoy electronics who otherwise may not be able to afford them.

Job Creation

For those who work in e-recycling and e-waste management, there are not only jobs for professional recyclers, but whole industries built around reusing and repurposing the metals and other materials that come from dismantling e-waste. These industries provide jobs for many people and this is the sort of industry we should all get behind and promote, since it leads to a greener and cleaner future.

Save Landfill Space

Landfills aren’t going to go away any time soon. But e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in America. By e-recycling we are able to keep these products out of landfills and save that shrinking space for trash that truly cannot be recycled.

Protect Your Community

When e-waste is dumped into landfills, dangerous chemicals such as mercury, lead and other poisons can leach into the water supply or the soil. Cleaning these chemicals out of the land is a process that can take years.

Promote Electronic Recycling in San Diego

The more we are able to promote electronic recycling, San Diego, the safer we can keep our communities from toxic land and poisonous waters.


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