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Why Recycle Electronics

With so very many products that utilize technology in our homes, offices and lives, it can be easy to slip into thinking that we can simply put those object in the trash and set it out with the rest of the waste. Why go through the extra effort of recycling e-waste, when we can just bag it up and put it on the curb? Why practice electronics recycling in San Diego? Here are some great reasons to reconsider how you treat your e-waste.

Key Reasons to Recycle E-Waste

As one of the most rapidly growing segments of the solid waste stream, there are some important key reasons to recycle e-waste instead of putting it into a landfill. One of the most important reasons is the number of recoverable and hazardous metals that go into creating an electronic device. Many items are made with aluminum, copper, gold and silver, plastics and other metals that can be reused in other devices. The EPA estimates that one metric ton of circuit boards can contain 40 to 800ntimes the amount of gold and 30 to 40 times the amount of copper mined from just one metric ton of ore in the United States. If we can reuse these metals, we owe it to the land to try. Instead of burning fossil fuels and other natural resources to get to the same metals, it makes better sense to recycle what is already in existence so it can go on to have another life in a new product.

Other metals, though, are not so recyclable but no less dangerous to our community. Materials like mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium, chromium and popular chemical flame retardants can leach into the soil and create a serious health hazard to the surrounding community, particularly if these metals hit our water systems. These items are sitting in our landfills to the tune of over 2 million tons across America. If mismanaged at the end of their lives, electronics can pose a serious threat to our health.

The Time Is Now To Explore San Diego Electronic Recycling

The problem is only going to grow more severe with time. For instance, in 2009 over 2 million tons of e-waste was dumped into a landfill somewhere in America. All those mice, keyboards and other waste are still sitting in America’s landfills and leaching into the soil. The time is now to explore San Diego electronic recycling. Together, we can build a safer community.


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