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De-Installation Services San Diego

Simply keeping outdated technology in your facility well after it has outlived its usefulness just isn’t an option. Fortunately, finding the right logistical support to handle your e-waste from start to finish is easy with SES Secure E-Waste Solutions.

Where Data Security is the Norm

The percentage of data loss when it comes to e-waste is overwhelming. The last thing you want is for confidential data to find its way back to the market in some form. At SES Secure E-Waste Solutions, we take data protection very seriously, and our commitment begins with our deinstallation services.

Our team of highly-trained professionals is equipped to uninstall and remove your end-of-life assets. Once they arrive at our facility, all sensitive data is removed and destroyed by our trained technicians. When they’re confirmed to be free from data, they will be evaluated for remarketing or recycling. Our team will responsibly recycle your materials and remarket the remaining assets, providing the maximum return for you and your business.

Comprehensive Help So You Can Get Back to Business

Security has to be at the forefront as you retire your technology assets, but that level of safety shouldn’t mean a real interruption in the day to day business of your company. Our customizable deinstallation services mean simplified IT asset disposition that meets the needs of your company.

SES Secure E-Waste Solutions has multiple service options to support your company’s e-waste recycling efforts. Contact us now to learn more.


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