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Hard Drive Shredding Services

Data breaches - they're almost everywhere these days. Wondering about one of the single most effective ways to ensure it doesn't happen to your company? Work with SES to make certain once the data leaves you're office, it's gone forever.

Simply Erasing Your Data Is Not Enough

Don't expect for a moment that erasing the data on a hard drive after it's outlived its usefulness enough. It takes only an individual who is well-versed in information retrieval to create a major security breach, and that may lead to industry non-compliance on your end, creating not only a problem for your customers, but also for you as well. The only way to eliminate it entirely is to use a secure hard drive shredding process like ours.

Our Secure Chain of Command

The moment we take your hard drives, we'll log and document the manufacturer serial number of each device before we destroy it. That log will become part of your records too. From there, we completely destroy the drive platters, ripple and fracture all of the magnetic surfaces, and render anything on the drive unrecoverable. The material gets separated, then appropriately recycled. You'll never have to worry about the data on those hard drives again.

Hard Drive Destruction - A Greener Commitment

At SES Recycling, we understand that hard drive shredding is a must, but there are so many components that don't have to end up in landfills. In fact, placing them in those landfills may mean you're contributing to one of the most dangerous waste streams in the United States today - e-waste. Just 40% of computers are recycled today. Unfortunately, while it's only about 2% of trash in landfills, it's 70% of the toxic waste in the country right now, and it contains high amounts of materials that CAN BE RECYCLED! You can end the possibility that you're contributing to that problem with a single call to SES Recycling.

Real Compliance, Right Now

You need certified data destruction, and at SES, our process offers just that. Meeting the guidelines of the National Association for Information Destruction, we provide full-reporting for all of the hard drives we shred. We'll even provide you with an environmental impact report so you can learn more about exactly what was recycled and the impact on the environment.

Customized Shredding Services For Your Organization

Not every company has the same hard drive shredding needs, and we can help. By creating the perfect hard drive shredding plan to meet your company's needs, we'll help you reach an entirely new level of data security. Contact SES Secure E-Waste Solutions today.


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