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IT Asset Disposition and Destruction

IT asset disposition isn’t like any other process your agency or department will ever undertake. There are very real security risks involved, and the possibility of a digital data breach is high. SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can provide you with a safe alternative with excellent benefits for your department.

The SES Advantage

We work to design and deliver asset disposition programs for agencies or departments like yours every day. The demands of your department are unique, which is why we customize our asset disposition services to specifically meet your requirements. Every program we create, however, means:

  • Logistics Management: You’ll work directly with our logistics team to ensure your assets are being transported securely and efficiently. Your materials will be promptly picked up, inventoried, and stored in our secure facility.
  • Certified Destruction of Data: Our process satisfies the National Association for Information Destruction. Before being remarketed, any and all sensitive data contained on your assets will be removed and destroyed. Witness the secure data destruction from anywhere in the world via our closed circuit cameras, using a unique login provided only to our clients.
  • Maximum Investment Recovery: It’s our goal at Secure E-Waste Solutions to provide the maximum recovery value to our customers. This process starts with the safe handling and loading of materials by our team of professionals. Next, your assets will be inventoried and evaluated based on age, condition, and model. Finally, SES uses our specialized network of brokers to reap the maximum return for our clients, offsetting any costs incurred in the recycling process.
  • Certificates and Reporting: Secure E-waste Solutions provides full-reporting for all materials received, whether recycled or remarketed. After all devices containing data are destroyed, a certificate of destruction is provided at the client’s request. A certificate of destruction provides an inventory and certifies that all items listed were securely destroyed. Additionally, an environmental impact report can be generated, presenting the client with information regarding what was recycled and the positive impact on the environment. Ad Hoc reporting is available for larger volumes.

A World of Possibilities

We utilize a worldwide network of professional brokers and dealers when remarketing your assets. Our network spans nearly every industry, so if there’s a market for your assets, we’ll find it.

Take a moment to explore our full range of services, then contact us today. We’re committed to helping you with all of your IT asset disposition needs.


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