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Product Destruction Shredding Services

Your confidential information isn’t just located on the technology in your office or in your files. Instead, your outdated inventory and unacceptable prototypes can prove just as dangerous to your company should they end up in the wrong hands. Tossing them out may mean serious problems for your company, but SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help to reduce your risk with our product destruction services.

More than E-Waste

We work to dispose of and recycle almost anything our clients need to have securely eliminated. Your products will be picked up by our specially trained staff, which starts our secure chain of custody handling procedures. Once they reach our facility, we’ll fully dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. At the end of the process, we’ll issue a full report you can share with your stakeholders as well as a certificate of destruction that details the entire process.

Destruction Services

Our services are available for your full product line including clothing, film, e-waste, binders, and even credit cards and the associated materials.

Occupational fraud means real danger for your company, and it can be tough to protect yourself and your customers. Security breaches are unacceptable in today’s business climate, and SES Secure E-Waste Solutions is here to ensure you don’t compromise your own sensitive information and product line.

For a fully customizable solution for both product destruction and e-waste, contact us today to learn more.


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