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Data Destruction Services

Sensitive data – it’s essential for your operation yet so potentially damaging to your organization at the same time. At SES Secure E-Waste Solutions, our data destruction services can help you minimize the liabilities of your outdated equipment now.

The Safest Solution

When you choose SES Secure E-Waste Solutions to handle your company’s e-waste, you’re choosing a company with destruction services that meet the most recent standards to help protect your organization from any potential security risks. You can count on our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure your IT assets are fully protected from start to finish.

A Simple Process

When you dispose of your technology, both active and stored data are put at risk. Each year, thousands of companies find incidents of data theft thanks to improper data destruction. At SES Secure E Waste Solutions, our unique process ensures true data destruction whether the end result is equipment remarketing or product destruction. We’ll meet with you to discuss your company’s needs, then develop a comprehensive plan that includes a solution for each piece of equipment. We’ll handle everything from there, and at the end of the process, we’ll send you a full report, including certificates of destruction so you can advise your stakeholders on the outcome of the process.

Your information won’t simply disappear from those devices. Contact us today to build a responsible solution.


  1. Your business doesn’t specialize in e-waste. Why should you have to spend any time worrying about how to deal with it?

    - Electronic Recycling
    - De-Installation Services
    - IT Asset Disposition
    - Product Destruction
    - Equipment Remarketing
    - Hard Drive Shredding
    - Secure Shredding Services

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