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We know how important the security of your data is to you – after all, it’s just as important to us! We are committed to providing our clients with a disposal and recycling method that is not only secure, but also thorough. That means including detailed information about the disposal process that you can access whenever you need it.

Our reporting capabilities include a complete breakdown of how your e-waste is handled from start to finish. This provides you with all the facts regarding your data destruction, along with an auditable trail to serve as proof that you took the proper measures in disposing of your e-waste or sensitive paperwork.

Our comprehensive reporting process includes:

  • A Certificate of Diversion
  • A Certificate of Destruction
  • A Video of the Destruction
  • A Consolidated Report
  • Ad Hoc Reporting

Each of these reports contains vital information that may come in handy later on. They also serve as your record that you made the most responsible choice when it comes to handling your outdated electronic equipment or confidential paperwork.

Using the most technologically advanced solutions, SES Secure E-Waste Solutions is committed to helping you make safer decisions when it comes to recycling or remarketing your e-waste. Our reporting process is just one of the advantages that we offer our clients. It’s also one of the factors that make SES the leading choice for e-waste disposal in San Diego. In addition to our detailed reporting, we offer a full range of disposal and recycling services for everything from paper documents to hard drives to laptops. Our services are guaranteed – your security and satisfaction is the most important aspect of our service, and we take every step possible to ensure both of these. Contact us today for an evaluation and recommendation of how we can help you make a safer, greener choice!


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    - Product Destruction
    - Equipment Remarketing
    - Hard Drive Shredding
    - Secure Shredding Services

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