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Electronic Waste Recycling

There are more than 28 million small businesses across the American landscape, and they’re working hard to keep our economy afloat. Keeping up with the rapid pace of business, though, typically means a continual investment in the latest industry technology. SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help you do just that with our small business e-waste recycling programs.

Where Recycling Comes In

Keeping up with the latest technology doesn’t automatically scream recycling. Unfortunately, few businesses take the time to consider the equipment left behind after an upgrade. It contains sensitive client and company data. What happens next? Throwing it in the dumpster isn’t your best choice. Not only do federal and state regulations prevent you from doing so, but an eye toward your clients might too. You simply cannot afford to let them believe you’re careless with their information. One piece of an obsolete device could contain information you wouldn’t want anyone else to have. SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help with comprehensive e-waste recycling programs that help to ensure data security every step of the way.

The Cost-Effective Solution

We know that in the world of small business, a bottom line means absolutely everything. Our services are as cost-friendly as they are eco-conscious. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company effectively and safely deal with e-waste.



  1. Your business doesn’t specialize in e-waste. Why should you have to spend any time worrying about how to deal with it?

    - Electronic Recycling
    - De-Installation Services
    - IT Asset Disposition
    - Product Destruction
    - Equipment Remarketing
    - Hard Drive Shredding
    - Secure Shredding Services

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