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Data Destruction

Serious damages are always the result when data destruction is improperly handled. Your business can’t afford consequences like that. SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands during the e-waste recycling process.

Comprehensive Services To Handle Confidential Information

The confidential information stored on all of your equipment powers your department or agency. It could also be fairly powerful in the event an individual is able to recover it, so we’ve developed an extensive line of services that meet today’s best protection standards to ensure recycling your old electronics is never a security risk for your company. Our experience and capabilities mean the right program to meet your needs.

Fully Protected Assets

When you contact SES Secure E-Waste Solutions, we’ll discuss your options. With a number of choices available to help destroy your organization’s proprietary data, we can help you develop a plan that not only provides logistical support, but also protection at every step of the way. Our secure chain of command means your data will never be left exposed. To learn more about our services, contact us today.


  1. Your business doesn’t specialize in e-waste. Why should you have to spend any time worrying about how to deal with it?

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    - De-Installation Services
    - IT Asset Disposition
    - Product Destruction
    - Equipment Remarketing
    - Hard Drive Shredding
    - Secure Shredding Services

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