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About ITAD Services

With tons of new acronyms emerging from the professional information technology world every day, it can be hard to keep up with new ones. “ITAD” is an acronym that stands for “IT Asset Disposition.” This acronym is commonly used by people in the IT industry.

But Doesn’t Disposal Just Mean Tossing In The Dumpster?

IT Asset Disposition does much more than simply tossing your old electronic devices in a dumpster. Technically, this would be disposing of them. However, truly “disposing” electronic data is a much more complex matter. ITAD services aren't just disposal. Instead, these services integrate refurbishment, redeployment, remarketing, and recycling into a single service that is ideal for companies looking to retire their computer assets. It's a comprehensive answer when your company is looking to upgrade their equipment.

How Do I Know The Company Safely Handles My Old Equipment

ITAD companies like SES Recycling keep very specific records, including the serial number and other pertinent information about devices destroyed. We have a carefully documented process that can help you understand what happens to each piece of your equipment. Should any of it actually end up being destroyed, you can even watch that on our private, closed circuit television feed using the passcode we give you.

Will My Data Be Destroyed?

No matter what option we help you select - redeployment, remarketing, or recycling - all of your data will be destroyed to help keep your company safe. Destroying the data can be done in variety of different ways, and we'll utilize the one that makes the most sense to meet the needs of your company.

Recouping Your Costs

Perhaps the most attractive part of ITAD services is that a portion of the money you spent on that hardware can actually be returned to you. Technology always goes down in value as time goes on. However, all of your purchases do not have to put you at a loss. IT Asset Disposition services from a trusted company like SES Recycling can guide you on how to maximize profits on what you already have.

ITAD Services

At SES, we'll work to discover a solution for all of your outdated equipment that actually puts as much as possible back into your budget. Our specialists have worked with companies just like yours in the past, helping them see exactly what is possible in the world of electronics recycling today. Contact us to learn more.


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