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What is IT Asset Disposition?

Many companies are unaware of what IT asset disposition means and why it matters for today's businesses. The simple reality, though, is that understanding what it means for your company is an absolute must.

The Definition

Simply put, IT Asset Disposition is the trade of disposing of unwanted and usually obsolete electronics from companies. This is much different from simply putting old electronics in a dumpster. Typically, IT Asset Disposition is used to ensure the business does not leave a bad ecological footprint and that data is securely destroyed.

Why IT Asset Disposition?

Now that you know what IT Asset Disposition is, you may be wondering why you should use it, or if it’s even beneficial for your company. While many may be reluctant to use these services, it is important to know that many companies actually save money by using services like this. Wondering how it can save your business money?

How Can We Save Money with IT Asset Disposition?

You can avoid tax and other financial penalties for unsafe destruction of electronic devices. An IT Asset Disposition specialist can also assist you in monetizing the electronics you do have. Electronics, even outdated ones, are very valuable to smaller companies and other organizations, and making the most of that with our services is ideal! What's more, though, is that we offer all of our services bundled together, so whether you need help with deinstallation and IT asset disposition or just a single service, we can help.

What about Information Security?

Information security is a very common concern among companies wishing to get rid of old equipment. The vast majority of computers have something sensitive on them, whether it is personal information, financial information, or even trade secrets. One of the first nightmares that may come to mind when considering disposing of old assets is that a data thief may locate your trashed device and steal information from it.

This is very unlikely to happen if you hire an IT assets disposition specialist like SES Recycling. We ensure that data can never be recovered by using techniques that physically make data inaccessible as well as use software to completely overwrite the data that is on it, making it virtually impossible for anyone who recovers the device to get anything meaningful off of it.

What next?

If you are interested in IT Asset Disposition services, do not hesitate to call us today to get started!


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