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Recycle Electronics

Healthcare facilities are under an increasingly level of scrutiny. More than ever before, continual compliance issues are on the table, and they have to be considered along with profitability and green initiatives. SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help. By applying the best practices we’ve spent years developing, we can help to streamline your operations and securely minimize e-waste costs. The results are nothing short of staggering for many facilities.

Customizable Solutions

The needs of every facility are a bit different, so we’ll work with you to ensure the solution provided is not only ideal to meet the day to day demands of your office or campus, but also fully compliant with federal and state regulations. From recycling all of your e-waste to ensuring product destruction where necessary, we’ll help you create a sustainable process that is ideal for the ongoing needs of your facility.

Controlling Costs

Healthcare organizations are all facing economic challenges thanks to changing regulations, but SES Secure E-Waste Solutions can help you take a closer look at e-waste management while still recovering value from the process. It’s a level of cost-control we provide to all of our clients, and one that medical facilities and labs need more than ever.

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