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Medical eWaste

Digital data surrounds your organization. Virtually everything you do results in another piece of data to add to the puzzle. Data is stored on nearly all of your equipment too, so when an upgrade is a must, what happens to your outdated technology? SES Secure E-Waste Solutions has the answer in our medical e-waste recycling services.

The Importance of Privacy

While the data of almost any organization is fairly sensitive, nowhere is confidentiality more essential than in the world of medicine. Mishandling the e-waste involved with your facility or organization would be absolutely tragic for your employees and patients alike, and in most cases, it would result in stiff penalties due to noncompliance with HIPAA and other laws designed to protect that information.

We use a secure chain of command process that eliminates the risks involved for your organization. Utilizing the latest technology available to erase, sanitize, and destroy your e-waste, we’re here with the comprehensive services you need to help custom design a program that will help you recycle all of your e-waste while paying careful attention to your bottom line.

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