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Electronic Recycling Auction Services

Not all outdated electronics have reached the end of their lifespan.

Did You Know? The expected lifespan of a laptop is three full years. Most consumers, however, replace the devices within 24 short months!

What can you do with those outdated electronics your company or facility currently houses that haven't actually reached the end of their lives? Is there an answer to ensuring they fall into good hands and remain useful throughout their lives?

SES Auction Services

Our electronics auction services take the technology your company or organization can no longer use, then turn it into profit so you can recycle your electronics without any real worry.

When Safety and Security Matter

Simply handing out all of your outdated equipment to anyone passing by is never a good idea. There's far too much data on every single device you have stored right now to just get rid of it. The simple truth, though, is that the data can be difficult to fully eliminate. What's more, though, is that it can be fairly dangerous to handle this on your own.

At SES, we make certain your data is fully eliminated before we ever begin preparing to auction your used electronics. We utilize the highest level of security available to make certain not a single crumb of information is left behind when we begin remarketing your assets. Our secure data destruction protocol leaves every machine free of your corporate data and ready for the next user.

Get Ready for a Great Profit

Don't just let your electronic assets continue to gather dust. Stop making your outdated computer equipment a security risk. Instead, make certain that you're doing everything possible with your equipment now. Contact us to learn more about our auction services that can help increase your profits now.


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